Who even am I?

I’m Abi, a writer, editor, and creator based in Washington, DC. I’m currently a freelancer, writing articles about local happenings for Eater DC, 730DC, and the Kennedy Center, among others, and working as the programs coordinator for local literary nonprofit, The Inner Loop. I also produce and edit audio for the Not For Everyone and The Inner Loop Radio podcasts, and I created the podcast We’re Here with Melissa Wade.

A graduate of George Mason University’s MFA program, I’m at work on a collection of essays about growing up Mormon in Utah. Thanks to a generous grant from DC’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities, I hope to finally have a finished manuscript this year. You can find some of my literary writing in The Rumpus, The American Scholar, and The Hunger, among others.

What is The Epiphanist?

Here, you’ll find ramblings on style especially as it pertains to the post-Mormon perspective. I spent my whole life living in the anxious spiral of covering my body, feeling ashamed of it, and also wanting to show myself through my fashion choices. I’m finished worrying about what I’ve done wrong according to rules made up by a bunch of men I’ve never met and ready to start figuring out what feels right for me and me alone. This journey will involve a lot of nonsense too—like sagas of finding the perfect dress, outfits of the week, and guest posts with other people about their style.

The name “The Epiphanist” pays direct homage to my old blog I ran when I was 16 years old. It’s a made up word (a play on “epiphany”) that I still dig because everything is made up, and I’ll die on that hill. This newsletter is ever-evolving, and I expect a lot of ebb and flow as I figure out what it can be.

I’ve set up payment plans ($5 per month or $55 per year) but every post is available to anyone, free or paid, until it’s been up for four weeks. After that, there’s a little paywall for my archive. I just thought, wouldn’t it be cool to be paid for creating content people consume? So, keep up to date! Or you can support me if you are feeling generous. Eventually, I’ll add some extras (a podcast maybe, videos maybe) that will only be available to paying subscribers. We’ll see!

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I'm a writer and podcast producer living in Washington, DC.